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We wanted to share that we are always looking for bloggers who would like to guest blog on this site.

Blog Host: Mel Jones

Blog Theme: The blog usually looks to find the inspiration (music, politics, spirituality, books, other blogs, other human beings) and/or examines real-life situations:  resilience, a call to do better for mankind, sometimes just making it through the day intact without going insane. Writing about that is often what keeps me sane, so I assume that’s true for others as well.

Topic Suggestions:

  • Craft tips: how you write/poem, your writing inspiration or overcoming common challenges–always.

  • Real life experiences or life-changing moments whereby you rose against the odds or were a survivor. Your blog entry can either be in verse or prose.

  • Book Reviews of just about anything, except porn.

  • I’m pretty open to anything related to the cultural differences we encounter every day: ethnic, educationally, regionally, etc.

  • I am especially interested in blogs/essays that find the humor in a situation. You know, my choices were to laugh or cry, and I chose to laugh.

Expectations: If there is a match, We would ask for a blog of up to 1500 words along with a picture of you as well as an author bio. Please remember to include your name, contact information, and links to your own blog and other social media. We will work together on figuring out the best timeline to post. I would also expect you to be available for some comments and follow up afterward.

To Contact Me: Fill out the form below and include “Guest blogger” in the subject line!

Thanks for submitting!