• Mel Jones

Angry White Men

That’s a thing. Angry white men. They are furious that the world doesn’t belong to them anymore. Poor babies. Not all white men, but enough. In the past month, I have been confronted on my friends-only Facebook page three times by men who thought they could bully me (on my page), who believed they could spew their racism, their, homophobia, their misogyny, their agenda…on my page. All three men inserted themselves into conversations to which they were not invited. They tried to assert authority where they had none…

“Don’t you EVER try to tell me I’m not patriotic again!” – or what?

“Stop being a bitch!” – Or what? And most recently:

“And don’t ever dictate my tone to me. I will use whatever fucking tone suits me” – or what?

Well, that’s not how public discourse works actually. The “Don’t ever” has an underlying implication of violence. It is the classic language of a domestic abuser. Classic. And guess what, I am a grown ass woman, you’re not the boss of me. Not ever!

I rarely, if ever, go to someone’s social media page and impose my beliefs, opinions, knowledge… Why do men (and it’s ALWAYS men) think this behavior is acceptable. Welcome to the 21st century, boys, it’s not. The future is, in fact, female and full of people of color. I understand that rains on your particular parade, but for the love of god, get a-hold of yourselves! Threatening women online is wrong. Being angry because people disagree with you is wrong. Being confrontational in the face of overwhelming facts makes you look a fool.

And I don’t suffer fools gladly (which is a quote from one of history’s greatest misogynists, Saint Paul, in Corinthians II, chapter 11). The fact is, I don’t suffer fools at all. Two of the three of these individuals unfriended me, the third I discarded like yesterday’s garbage: all of them, yesterday’s trash. If you are so impotent (yes, use every connotation here) in your day to day life, that you find it necessary to seek out and attack women online, work to marginalize them in their own space, hurl veiled threats at them; you are part of the problem. If my opinion of you makes you so uncomfortable that you feel you must lash out, you need help. Please get it. But don’t try to refriend me because I learned a long time ago that when a person shows me who they are, I must believe them.

And you, Phil, Wayne, and Adam have shown your true colors. Live with that knowledge alone in the male, white patriarchy that is decaying around you.

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