• Jae

CB's Birthday Poem

On this frigid morning, I dreamt about you

Hot juice made an attempt to sling you up

Burnt, bitter tastes lingered on your tongue

So you licked frosting from a bowl

You are the strongest small boy that does not care

Your eyes do not see that I am full now

Don a shredded red cape made from sheets

You can escape hot lava

Oh! All the floors we walked- our hands clenched so tight

You grew fast with longer pants- shorter hair

Look up here! What do you want to be?

Whatever it is, don't be haunted by broken dreams

We stroll on rolling shores with softly held light

You try to keep score of all the points

Skipping through ten million shards of hot glass

You are not the hard old man of my dreams

Right down to the marrow of stiff weary bones

Every year you tear more papery skin

Look under bits of the old broke shell

At unspoken truths told at last

The mirror now sees an old man there

Nearer to anything you need to be

Your eyes are the wisest ones

To watch gulls fly into the sun


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