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Half the Sky

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

I was recently asked why do you always look angry? If you think this is an angry picture, you don’t want to see me mad (and, in my opinion, I look tired in this picture, not angry). But why would I have a resting bitch face? I dunno maybe because:

· It’s 2020, and women are still fighting for the ERA. More than one man has told me that we don’t need that, because, well, it’ll make women equal. Duh!

· Fifty-three women will be killed by their domestic partners this month---every month.

· I earn less than my male counterparts—even though we have a mostly female management team where I work.

· Men in the government think an ectopic pregnancy can be replanted in a woman’s uterus (it can’t). These same men believe that a woman’s body can stop itself from becoming pregnant if she is raped.

· Out of every one hundred rapes, 40 are reported to the police, of that forty, ten are arrested, of that, eight are prosecuted, four lead to a felony conviction, and only three will spend any time in jail.

· Insurance companies cover Viagra but question birth control.

· The last state to make marital rape a crime was Minnesota, in 2019. Several legislators continue to seek loopholes in those laws to “protect” men/husbands.

· The United States has warehouses of untested rape kits because women matter less.

· My ex-daughter-in-law was attacked by her domestic partner in front of her children and a neighbor, and she was told she didn’t have enough evidence for a warrant. The story changed when my son started making calls for her.

· We had temps in the upper 60s in February, and it will reach 77 in Virginia today, and yet people still believe that Climate change is not real. Science does not care what you believe.

· Polar bears are becoming extinct. So are hundreds of other animals. The world’s only white giraffe was shot and killed so someone could have her.

· The Native American is, anthropologically speaking, extinct.

· In the next presidential election, my choices will be an old white guy who has been accused of sexually assaulting 22+ women and thinks it is okay to grab women by the pussy; an old white guy who is a little too touchy-feely, or an old white guy whose campaign workers were accused of sexually harassing female volunteers and nothing was done about it. Meanwhile, three highly qualified women, a gay man, and a black man have dropped out.

· The people we have elected to represent us have chosen to represent organizations like the NRA, and our children and grandchildren are being killed, wounded, and traumatized regularly. The concept that your rights stop where mine start is foreign to them.

· We have children in cages.

· Mexico was never going to pay for that fucking wall—they couldn’t—funds for such a project must come from the US treasury and (shockingly) Mexico doesn’t have access to that. But so many people believed that would happen.

· Racism is alive and well, and the uniform of the day for many Americans in 2020.

· People who speak one language have no problem harassing and criticizing people for whom English is not the first language. They speak at least two, if you don’t sit down and shut the fuck up!

· We have threatened and abandoned our allies and sided with dictators.

· We have a pandemic because the pussy-grabbing-asshat closed 37 of 38 CDC offices whose job was pandemic readiness.

· We have a pandemic.

· Schools and businesses are shutting down, and the Fed is going to sink money into stocks instead of virus testing kits.

· The man in the White House turned down free test kits from WHO.

· Several people still support the man in the White House—despite his blatant abuse of power.

· Several men have told me that it isn’t as necessary for men to wash their hands after they pee because they aren't touching their waste matter. Unlike pooping where only toilet paper separates your hand from the waste… No, you are touching yourself wash your fucking hands.

· We have a toilet paper shortage because… I don’t even know why.

· Most people do not wash their hands regularly.

· Men feel free to comment on my height, weight, walk, attitude, mood, hair, and smile with impunity.

· Men feel free to touch my hair and think comments like “does the carpet match the drapes” are completely appropriate.

· Every time I make a politically oriented post, some man DMs me a picture of his penis.

· Men have no idea how long an inch is.

· How girls dress in school is more regulated than gun ownership.

· I don’t know how to put my make up on without touching my face.

· I had to close down a blog with 8,000 readers because a man was stalking me.

· My pants still don’t have appropriate pockets.

· I purchased a CD last night. I don’t have a CD player, and I have no idea how I am going to add those songs to my digital collection.

· No more Doctor Who until Christmas. And it will be Bradley Walsh’s last episode.

· A client stiffed me half of my fee for an editing job that took me three times longer than it should have. Now I will restructure my fees so that I will not be caught like this again.

So, yeah, I might have a resting bitch face, sorry that you don’t like it. It’s my face, and no one invited anyone to comment on it. I’m not prettier when I smile—I am dishonest and that’s never pretty. If men want pretty, brainless, compliant women, they need to help hold up their half of the sky instead of about worrying about how women are doing. They also should not look to me to be that. So, wash your hands and register to vote.

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