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Hook, Line, and Sinker, Notes on SOTU and Stuff

Fact checking the man in the White House: misleading and false. He made one false claim every two minutes. And America tuned in, at least the gerrymandered to misrepresent us districts did. That’s 44.5 lies in 89 minutes. And, let’s be clear, a false claim is a lie. I didn’t watch it or read it even. But this morning on Facebook I was bombarded by posts about the “pro-life” president.

First of all, I have questions about the validity of his presidency. He lost the popular vote by millions. He is quite possiblly a traitor. According to a recent news report, he spends 60% of his time not presidenting. He is watching Fox News, or playing on Twitter. I shudder to think what he's doing with interns. He is the worst person in that office ever; definitely in my lifetime. And that’s saying something! I remember Nixon, survived Reagan and the Bush father and son tag team. Watergate, Reaganomics, Ken Starr! This president’s presentation and policies are bad for our nation. I find myself wondering how people can support him.

He has a good PR machine – not to make him look good, because that’s not possible. He is a pussy-grabbing-rip-off-people-who-work-for-me-entitled-toxic-white-man. That can’t be fixed, so instead, he works to make others look bad (her emails, he wants to kill babies, she’s past her expiration, she’s not a 10, Congress (now that it is a Democratic majority) does nothing [remember he does not work 60% of the time]). He is a cancer set upon us.

And FYI, he is NOT a pro-life President, he is anti-abortion — which is NOT a conversation about saving lives but about controlling women (and he’s all about that, just look at any video of him and his wife). Being pro-choice does not mean someone is pro-abortion, it means that we support decisions made by women in conjunction with her qualified physician, not some hack of a New York real estate scam. I have yet to hear any doctor come out against late-term abortion, these are medically necessary events. Painful, heartbreaking, traumatic events about which this president had no expertise to speak.

Years ago, whilst I still lived in Massachusetts, a friend of mine was pregnant with her first child. In her third trimester, she was told that her baby had zero chance of survival. Zero. Her doctors told her that she must wait to go in to labor and deliver the baby. Her baby died in-utero and still the doctor made her wait for labor to begin naturally, wait for her body to expel the corpse. Those were the doctor’s words. She knew her baby was dead, was a corpse to be expelled. Two weeks later, she spent 18 hours in labor to deliver her dead child. A boy-child. And then she had some sort of complication and an emergency hysterectomy was performed. Her marriage fell apart, she spent six months on a locked psych ward. She and her husband were destroyed by this. I vaguely remember hearing that she killed herself. Had that child been aborted, the possibility of her having more children would have increased.

Nothing in this picture can be called pro-life.

Late-term abortions are necessary medical events. They happen in the most tragic of circumstances for a family. And the laws I have read so far are written for those situations. If you have not read the law in New York or Virginia (which conservative media is destroying political careers over—but that’s another post), then sit down and shut up, because you are not pro-life.

You cannot be pro-life and support what happened to my friend all those years ago, or any other woman in a similar situation. You cannot be pro-life and separate children from their parents. You cannot be pro-life and support the withdrawal of troops protecting human beings from ISIS; you cannot be pro-life and support the destruction of the ecosystem; you cannot be pro-life and support the destruction of our social structure which supports the poor; you cannot be pro-life and not fix Flint; not punish the Saudis for what they did to Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi; you are not pro-life if you think that allowing Puerto Ricans, fellow Americans, go without power and water for over a year is an acceptable thing. You cannot be pro-life and deny climate change. You cannot be pro-life and not support gun laws to protect life.

You cannot be pro-life and support this president, you are anti-abortion, anti-women’s rights, anti-American, anti-Christian. Own that shit, and keep some thoughts and prayers for your daughters, they’re going to need them in the horrific world you leave them.

And why are we having this conversation now? Because it is the beginning of the presidential election cycle. And it’s a hot button. If you voted for him or plan to do so in 2020, you are buying his line of BS. This isn’t about abortion, it’s baiting the base. Hook, line, sinker. Reeling them in.

Don’t be a one issue voter. Don’t support anti-abortion and not support all the other issues I mentioned. Because if you do, you’re a hypocrite. An anti-life hypocrite. Own that shit because you created it.

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