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Level Up (by Josh Jones)

Josh is my grandson, a budding writer, and he wants to write regularly. As every writer knows the best way to become a better write is to write. So, here is his first ever blog post. Show him some support.

Going from one type of school to the other can be hard on kids and teens. Today we are talking about going from elementary school to middle school. In elementary school you get to have fun in so many ways like you get to go outside and play with your friends. You also get to be taught in fun ways like you can play with blocks when learning math. The best part is you make so many friends in elementary school then when it's time to go to middle school (depending on where you go to school at) you and your friends get put in different schools.

In middle school kids and teens are inside from 7:15 until 2:05. Also, in math class we don’t get blocks to learn how to do certain math lessons. During middle school kids and teens are also going through puberty so everyone is always ether in a good mood or in a bad mood or even acting different and weird. Yes, in middle school you are freer and have a locker but at least in elementary school you can go outside and play with blocks and toys to learn.

Middle school is fun in its own ways too. Like in middle school you are freer, you get to walk from class to class every 90 minutes you also (in some cases) can choose your teachers. Middle school also is full of adventures the teachers don’t put you with your friends which makes people mad but this way you can meet new people you never know that one kid the teacher puts with you could be your new best friend. So yes middle school has its ups and downs but so does elementary school.

Typed by Josh Jones and edited by Mel Walsh Jones

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