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Magical Hair Cut Day


A lot of my readers, probably all of you, know that this author loves haircut day. Have you ever wondered why?

It is because getting a haircut is a cosmically magical event.

The last few days have been rough ones. Something in the Universe has had me off. Even after speaking with my wife about it last night, I haven’t been able to put my finger on it though have identified it as a “bad, sad” feeling, cause unknown.

It is this way with me sometimes. It makes me want to pull way in, pull the covers up over my head, pull myself away, hide away.

But “I’m not one of those who can easily hide…” (Your Song, Sir Elton John)

My feelings are all over me, on full display, even if I don’t know why, when or from whence they came. They are all over my face and on my sleeves where I wear them.

Sad. Mad. Bad. Frustrated. Embarrassed. Scared. Hurt. Happy. Joyful. Blissful. Grateful. Excited.

I got my haircut today at lunch time. It was a treat to make myself feel better. I was happy listening to the sound of the clippers as Amanda buzzed them around my ears. That little tingly feeling as she swooped them down the back of my neck made me giggle. I liked seeing my white hair darkened by the water from her spray bottle. I enjoyed watching her hands comb the longer hair up between her fingers as she clipped off a bunch with sharp, quiet scissors. Watching the tiny hairs fall in front of my face, scattered across the black cape draped over me, I imagined each one an uneasy thought, a scary thought, a sad thought sailing off of me, out of me, out of my head.

Magically Gone

When she was finished, Amanda told me she was loving this haircut on me and then asked, “Does that feel so much better?” I grin at myself in the mirror. It makes me happy to see the face grinning back. Yes. It does feel so much better.

Every single time, the haircut does its magic to take me closer to my center where everything feels just right.


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