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Point. Click. Done (part two: clothes).

I tried three clothes subscriptions, LeTote, StitchFix, and Wantable. Clothes boxes are a little trickier to navigate than make-up. Like most women, my weight fluctuates. I wear a range of sizes. This meant lots of editing of profiles. StitchFix and Wantable are “try before you buy” services, which is cool, but then you have to ship things back in a timely manner. Not as cool. It is a wise shopping model, shipping things back is a pain in the ass so then I purchased things I might never wear and in the end, gave much of it away. LeTote is a clothing rental service.

StitchFix (surprise box) has amazing clothes and jewelry, mostly high-end. Always in line with my style—which I confess isn’t easy—business-casual-boho, but pricey. The “styling fee” is $20 a month, which is then deducted from the price of anything you choose to purchase. If you purchase the whole box, you receive a discount. The average item per box is priced around $55. Each box averaged $300 a month. My experience was amazing stuff, too much money. And when a stylist chastised me for being too eclectic on Pinterest, yeah I stopped this one.

Wantable: (surprise box) I did one box: nothing fit, styles were odd (a flannel with shoulder holes—when exactly does one wear that?). Again, a $20 styling fee (deducted from the purchase of any item), $50-100 per item, discounted if you purchase the whole box. Not worth the money, at all.

Le Tote has an interesting approach. You build a closet. They ship you the clothing you have chosen for $49 a month. Wear it, don’t wash it, send it back, get a new box. You are allowed to purchase any item that you feel you must have at your fingertip at all times. If you play by the rules, this box is worth it. It’s that pesky send it back part that trips me every time. Of the three services, this is the best deal. They will also customize things for you if you have a special event.

If you are interested in a subscription clothes box, and have $300 a month in your clothes budget, go with Stitchfix (and please adopt me). If you have a $50 a month budget, Le Tote will allow you to add diversity to your wardrobe. I don’t remember how any of these ships, I want to say UPS or FedEx. I no longer subscribe to any of them—the thrifter in me just couldn’t justify the money. Several other services have been popping in my Facebook feed of late (Trunk Club, MM.LaFleur, Daily Look, Nadine West, Dia & Co., Trendsend); I haven’t been tempted by any. Well, except Adore Me (lingerie) which was complete rubbish and had horrific customer service. If I had enough discipline to return everything, Le Tote would get my business.

.I am a bit of a fashion-whore so these services always look tempting. In the long run, thrift and consignment shops are far more tantalizing. Whilst the services offer wonderful pieces I can't justify them. American throw away an average of 81 pounds of clothing each annually. I have found wonderful pieces in thrift and consignment shops. The $300 a month for these subscription boxes can be a year's worth of amazing finds in a thrift shop.

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