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Random Ramblings in the New Year

January 11, 2019

Here's a few random ramblings.

My intentions for the new year are focused around taking care of me better which means hot baths, happy lights, haircuts, more time for writing, more time for taking and producing photos, improving the quality of time spent with Jassy, connecting with people, and being brave.

Do you have any intentions?

What are they?

Though the winter blues succeeded in pulling me away into dark holes and under warm covers for a while – I have managed to write every day of the new year. My journal entry one day was:

I. Don’t. Feel. Like. Writing. Today.

The rest of it has been fits and starts and more fits. Or stuff just not appropriate for public consumption. I want to post a blog today. I may just post these random thoughts.

I like the freshman congress people. AOC and Ayanna Pressley fill my twitter feed with really good work. I love that Ayanna got reprimanded for calling out 45 for all his ugly, money grubbing racism and every other bad ism that he can muster. Is there one word that sums up a person like him? If there is, I want to know what it is. If there isn’t, I think we should make something up. Any ideas?

I’ve been away from Face Book for eleven days. I’ve missed it some. But mostly, not. Instagram is not a good substitute for posting photographs unless I take them with my phone. Not many fall into that category. I’m learning about using twitter. George Takei is prolific and very funny.

My floor scrubber at work, the “Zamboni”, has a leaking hose. The replacement is on order. I’m really bummed out about not getting my zen Zamboni time every morning. There is something so peaceful about driving the scrubber over the entire warehouse floor. No one is around when I start. People start filtering in when I’m about finished. The warehouse floor gets cleaned. My mind gets cleared somehow too.

My Rock Voices concert is tomorrow night. We have three hours of dress rehearsal tonight. I’m exhausted from a very full, physical week at work. I don’t feel like participating but I will because I made a commitment to others and to myself. I’m happy to have had the experience of singing with this group but I am not going to rejoin for spring season. I do love to sing. I do love the songs. I did not get the social experience I was looking for. It’s a one and done kind of deal for me.

The political environment still feels rough and scary. However, I do have a wee feeling of hopefulness that right will win in this new year. I implore those who can in government and in justice continue to do all the right things for all the right reasons. We, the people, will be forever grateful. The world at large will thank you as well.

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