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Today is my birthday. I've decided that for the next few years, I'm going to reverse the numbers of my age. So today, I've turned 16 years old. I've taken today off work. I was waiting to see what the weather would be before making any plans. Turns out it is going to be crappy weather today- overcast, bursts of drizzling rain throughout the day, turning to full out rain tonight. BUT tomorrow is a different story. It will be in the low 70s and sunny all day. My big birthday plans are thus being deferred when I can more fully enjoy my favorite kind of day involving a road trip, some great landscapes, my camera, adventurous eating and quality time with my Jassy. Photos and stories to follow!

Today, I write.

I never understood as much as I do today, this thing that my Mom told me about life going by so fast and the importance of memory making moments. For a birthday wish, I asked my friends and family to leave me a comment (on Facebook) about their favorite memory of us sharing time together. I got memories from friends who knew a 16-25 year old me, others who knew and held me in my worst times, and from those with whom I now spend my current time.

All these memories are snippets of time when stitched together, become a short documentary that fills me with a joyful kind of aching. My heart cries out to hold you all in a tight hug, to kiss your cheeks, to see you smile and laugh and feel the gratefulness I have for the most excellent experiences that have made up my life. Thank you all for this best birthday gift!

I've never put much stock in my age. Up until now, I've been no age, felt no certain kind of way when I turned a year older. But I have to say, the constant reminder of aches and pains notwithstanding, I am astounded and confounded daily, that I am in my 60's. Something has changed in the ways in which I experience life. I find myself squeezing every ounce out of everything that I can. I say “yes” more. I pick my battles (of which there are few these days) in more thoughtful ways. I feel like there isn't much sense in quarreling but that there is so much at stake to stand up for these days. I see life more clearly then ever. My focus is deeper, my understanding more informed. I find myself thinking about and feeling so excited about my fantastic future. I wonder if any of you of this age feel the same? I'd love it if you would write to me or call me or visit me so we can talk about this together.

Come, join me in the third act of my three act story. It is going to be an act of epic proportion that you won't want to miss!

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